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Land Use Description

A Master Planned Neighbourhood

The Parkwood Neighbourhood concept was developed with significant consideration of the site’s natural features and unique characteristics of the area. While the terrain and ecological features of the property lends itself to an array of development opportunities, it is important to ensure key natural features are preserved, and that developed areas are designed to integrate with passive recreational amenities and green space.

At its maturity, Parkwood is envisioned to flourish into a vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood with approximately 6,000 residential units, complimented by commercial retail services, institutional uses, and park spaces. Well-designed density is vital to a strong economic foundation in any neighbourhood as it brings a critical mass of local employees and customers to support a variety of community needs. Therefore, a sustainable community should offer many ecologically responsible opportunities for investment, businesses, and employment that will, in turn, support an economically diverse and prosperous community.

The land-use concept identifies the types and approximate locations of the proposed Parkwood land-use mix, which is divided into seven broad categories: low, medium, and high density residential, commercial, institutional, and public parks, and private green space


Focus Areas

A Master Planned Neighbourhood

The Parkwood Amendment Area has been developed within the comprehensive vision for the community by integrating parks, open space, clustered residential neighbourhoods, and dynamic mixed-use residential/commercial areas.


Each neighbourhood Focus Area is conceptually divided into three strategic Focus Areas:

1) The Northlands Neighbourhood: “The Meadow Highlands;”

2) The Fish Creek Coulee Parkland; and

3) The Southlands Neighbourhood: “The Village Meadow.”

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