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Our Principles

Community Building Fundamentals

Putting the health and well-being of residents and neighbours front and center by creating a walk-able, cycling friendly, socially connected neighbourhood where citizens can gather, find fresh food, places to play and create, and can easily gain access to a commercial village centre and the broader city amenities.

Creating a versatile mix of land-uses and densities that are economically viable and enduring in the local economy.

Encouraging a unique architectural form and character that respects the public realm, view, corridors, and existing single-family residential form and character.

Enhancing the protection and preservation of the site’s natural features.

Supporting an active residential population through accessible pedestrian-oriented streets, connective trail networks that celebrate biodiversity, and high-quality parks that offer natural places of respite and calm.

Demonstrating the importance of sustainability through building design, public realm design, transportation and mobility and servicing choices.

Designing a neighbourhood that will adapt throughout all four seasons (e.g. winter city design).

Valuing a community that welcomes and supports a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, ages, and cultures through a diversity of housing, activities and commercial amenities.

Providing a wide variety of housing opportunities, tenures, and sizes, to ensure that a wide range of options are available to serve local demand.

Planning for community facilities that are available to all Fort St. John residents.

Promoting architecture and landscapes that offers inspiring and sustainable places for those who live, work, and visit.

Crafting identifiable neighbourhood architectural character through the design of homes and commercial buildings that are reflective of our neighbourhood values.

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