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Parkwood Southlands

Access to Franchises

Franchising allows entrepreneurs and small business owners a chance to run their own operations with the help and support of a larger organization with a proven formula for success.

  • Enjoy instant brand awareness.

  • Business operations are standardized.

  • Access to training.

  • Marketing help.

  • Support of a big company.

  • Funding can be easier.

  • Enjoy improved buying power.

  • Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Navigate legalities more easily.

Research the franchise options and determine which companies will offer you the best return on investment and provide you with the best chance for a consistent income stream.


  • Average franchise revenue

  • Starting capital

  • Royalty fees

  • Marketing fees

  • Miscellaneous fees

  • Rent costs

  • Franchising fees

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