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Our Vision

A Master Planned Neighbourhood

Over the last decade, there has been a significant amount of discussion around the "rebirth" of historically designed neighbourhoods. Often these neighbourhoods focused around a town square within a short walk, and offered a mix of services that met many of the daily needs of the residents.

By having a wide variety of residential and retail opportunities within these neighbourhoods, people tended to walk more and community was created through international connections and chance meetings throughout the day, residents knew their neighbours, looked out for them, and supported each other. These types of neighbourhoods show us that a wide range of housing types and densities can, and must include a variety of housing options, such as for singles, new families, empty nesters and the elderly, all supporting each other in close proximity.

It is our deep conviction to learn from these historic precedents and create a new neighbourhood within Fort St. John that interprets these development patterns within a vision that respects the vitality of this unique landscape.

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