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Parks & Trails

Time Spent In Nature Is Never A Waste Of Time

Quality parks and open space areas define neighbourhoods, offer recreational opportunities, and in many cases, enable healthy lifestyles. Parks and open space should provide important neighbourhood gathering areas and strengthen the health and well-being of a connected neighbourhood. The design and interface between residential, commercial and parks/open space land-uses strongly determines the character and livability of the overall neighbourhood.


It has been an important criterion in the development of the Parkwood Neighbourhood concept that parks and open spaces balance the developed areas and provide amenity-rich features necessary to meet the anticipated recreation demands of the neighbourhood residents. Equally important is the fragile balance between natural vegetation, habitat, and development.


The vision for Parkwood is for an abundance of parks and open spaces throughout the site to providing seamless connectivity, thus achieving a balance between the need for recreational spaces and the conservation of the natural environment. The concept for the neighbourhood green spaces and parks places a high value on the integration of natural areas, trails/pathways, and both passive and active parks into the overall neighbourhood plan.

We have planned for a broad range of public and private park amenities throughout Parkwood to include formal and informal parks, natural open spaces, and an extensive trail system. We have identified approximately 45ha (112ac) of land for Park and Natural areas resulting in over 18% of the neighbourhood being reserved for community parks, private parks, and recreational opportunities.


The availability of strategically placed, accessible trails and viewpoints to the Fish Creek Coulee will be a featured priority for Parkwood. Our intent is to provide connections to the current Fish Creek corridor at the eastern neighbourhood boundary with a new trail system throughout the neighbourhood. The trail system is anticipated to run throughout the Coulee and be accessible from both the rim and basin areas.

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