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The Parkwood Coulee

The Parkwood Coulee will be the centralized anchor of the diverse and active Parkwood neighbourhood. This natural amenity forms both the focal point for both sides of the neighborhood and acts as a natural bridge between these two distinct areas.


Steeper sloped areas along Fish Creek have been utilized to create a buffer between individual neighbourhood pockets, and combine to form the basis for a system of recreation and preservation corridors. These corridors will provide open space and trail opportunities for neighbourhood residents as well as preserving habitat areas.

We have planned for a significant amount of the Coulee to be dedicated to the City to ensure that public access is preserved in perpetuity. It is our desire to see a continuation of the City’s Bypass Trail network within the coulee to provide connections with adjoining trails and neighbourhoods.


The remaining Coulee area will be preserved as a privately owned park and developed to a high standard with passive recreational amenities appropriate to the needs of the neighbourhood residents.

Parkwood Coulee.png
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